George Starke

offensive lineman

13 seasons 1972 - 1984



George Starke is an NFL veteran of 13 years and 3 Super Bowls.   George was born in New York City and grew up in New Rochelle, New York. George played basketball and football in high school where he received many football awards including All State, All Met, All County and All American.   

George attended Columbia University where he was a physics major and played football and basketball for the Columbia Lions.  George played tight end on the Columbia football team but was drafted by the Washington Redskins as an offensive tackle. 

Success did not come initially with the Redskins when George was released after a couple of weeks and finished his first training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs (but did not make their team). The following year, George was encouraged to attend the Dallas Cowboys Camp in Thousand Oaks, California and the camp also did not bore success. 

However, George Allen, Head Coach of Washington Redskins, asked George to return to the Redskins camp in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and this time George made the roster of the 1972 Redskins team.  George’s Redskins career spanned 13 years and 3 Super Bowls.

In George’s later years, after becoming the leader of the famous “Hogs” Redskins offensive line, the Redskins team did the improbable and went back to back to Super Bowls.  Under George’s leadership, the Hogs formed a corporation called the “Super Hogs, Inc.” 

Their famous name was use to market a variety of products from shirts to hats to Head Hod Premium Beer and most famously the poster of the Hogs dressed in top hats and tuxedoes titled “Hogs Night Out.”

After George’s retirement, the Redskins Hogs went on to win two more Super Bowls.  During George’s football career, he began a side career as a TV broadcaster.  George first appeared as on air talent doing sports for Chanel 5 Fox Television in Washington, DC.  Also for Chanel 5, George hosted the TV variety show titled “PM Magazine.”

George went on to appear on other Washington, DC local television stations until he wrote and created his own show “Redskins Saturday Night.”  RSN was broadcasted live from Champions Bar and Restaurant and featured co-host Redskins Pete Wysocki and writer Tony Kornhaiser.  George later went on to work for ESPN as a college football analyst and later to NFL on air TV colour analyst for CBS co-hosting with James Brown.

After retirement from the Redskins, in addition to working on his broadcasting career, George began his business endeavour by attending Ford Motor Company dealer-owner-operator management school.  He trained  in Baltimore, Maryland and later opened George Starke Ford in Emmitsburg, Maryland (the world Headquarters of the Ku Klux Clan)

In conjunction with George Starke dealership, George opened Head Hog Barbecue” restaurants.  George and Petra Smeltzer Starke moved with Little George to Beverly Hills, California, where they reside.  Currently, George is marketing a television series written by him with help from Jack McLaughlin.  This series is based on the dynamic experiences Hogs had along with other Redskins greats like John Riggins and Joe Theismann and others who were courageous, funny, tough and operated like a “Band of Brothers” as they lived off the field.  Petra started her own global hot yoga brand SweatNGlow after having been the President and CEO of the infamous Bikram Yoga brand.

George who was nicknamed “Silk” by his teammates is a Native American, Mohawk, who believes in magic and always wears white buffalo hair under his helmet when he goes into NFL battles.  The plot for the Hog Heaven television series has won top prizes for writing at several film festivals. 

George also won John Jay Award from Columbia University for prestigious graduate achievement, Hometown Hero Award by the Mayor of the District of Columbia for building and managing the Excel Institute. 

The Excel Institute was inspired by spike in violence in Washington, DC, which George believed was caused by socioeconomic circumstances of inner city black families.  George exited the Excel Institute having had a great success bringing it to other markets and countries but is currently working on reviving the EI in Washington, DC working with Marcus Goodwin, a candidate for City Council At Large in Washington, DC.